1. Let’s dance, smoke, and drink & then cuddle, eat, and watch sci-fi films.


  2. Blog worthy of Actually Talking About

    Alyssa Beird.
    This one time I went to Europe, I thought the sky was beautiful, reminiscent of our emotions. I felt the sea, beating at our insatiable hearts, ready for anything. The warm moon, caressing every thought we had with dreamer-like aspiration as the rainclouds poured happiness all over us in great clouds over the hills.
    I’ll never forget how happy I was.



  4. I hate when you’ve gotten used to the smell of a place and can’t recognize it as distinctly. Is there a word for this?


  5. irreverent

    1. showing a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously.

  6. drinking 40’s @ Ringer Park in Allston, Boston

  7. Hiii

  8. Last day of being 22.