*People outside talking about how they’re club promoters.*
Me: Oh, I’m a promoter, too!
People: Who do you promote for?
Me: Myself.

for no reason at all i felt enchanted by the day. i’m lucky to still have the few things that are important to me after losing everything. my self realizations are bringing me back to a better place. putting everything aside and giving yourself time to get to know and love yourself is really proving beneficial. though i miss friends and parties, i am finally able to exist on levels i had forgotten.
Or maybe I was just fucked off all the black coffee and kool-aid, either way, i finally feel like i’m doing things right.

All my dreams are rather observant. I’m a part of them and I choose the paths I go on but things just seem to happen to me. I have no voice and take little action to affect the outcome. I simply float. So I’m going to take more initiative in myself and work towards and for my self by taking an active role in every day.
I’m the main character of my life.

Yay! Photosets!
What the fuck?

This really doesn’t look half bad. :D -Posts insanely.- No but seriously. Shit, I’m just going to type. Everything is so hectic. But I love at least knowing where I stand in things and having a stance/status is something I’ve been working on on my pathway to becoming a SUPERSTAR. Haha. But seriously. I have met over 50 people in the past two weeks at just two events. WAY over 50. I felt like I WAS a band at warped tour and when I went to the club tonight with Tianni, EVERYONE just needed to stop and chat. It was great. I miss Tiffany lots. Cause she always kept me in check with the quiet self of my personality. Without her, it runs rampid, awkwardly making situations awkward! I can’t help but think of the hungry commercial. Haha. But I digress. CVS chosed a forty year old woman over me because I am to fucking bubbly. Sorry MoJoJoJo asshole manager. Happiness shits out my tearducts and seeps in my pores and back into my bloodstream in never ending cycle! Dumb biatch. I thought she was so cool also.. And definatley open to my ideas and wants and needs. But she ill dropped me like Angelina’s Nanny does with all her children. Jaykay.

We gotta talk btw. If you even see this.
Which you probably won’t. Because I will most likely have talked to you
by the time you realize I am Tumblr crazed.